The private infrastructures are becoming vulnerable because of foreign threats and trespassers with malicious intent. Bharat Aero has designed and developed an Aerial Surveillance system by using top of the line Unmanned Aircrafts that can be effortlessly operated from remote location.


As the threats of trespassing and intrusion are escalating, it is significant to shield the critical infrastructure or vicinities. Bharat Aero has designed a remarkable solution that performs Aerial Surveillance and Monitoring of the intended facility like Borders, Private Buildings, Government Facilities, Chemical Plants etc. by using Aerostat Aircraft that are specifically designed for real-time monitoring and to conduct smart DORI (Detection, Observation, Recognition and Identification) operations.

Fixed-Wing VTOL Hybrid Aircraft

With the emerging need of surveillance and logistics to the remote locations, where human existence is not possible or could be challenging. We have designed a Hybrid Unmanned Aircraft which could be operated on fuel and battery both. Our Fixed-Wing VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) Aircraft can travel at a high speed with heavy payloads mounted on it which could serve logistics, monitoring, surveillance and inspection effortlessly.