Drone/UAV Jamming

As the modern-day technologies like Radio Frequency, Cellular Radio Network are unauthentic ally used for communication purposes in prohibited areas. Bharat Aero has identified this issue and designed different solutions to eliminate these problems.

Drone/UAV Jamming

There have been several instances where the vulnerability of critical infrastructure areas such as large-scale production units, large public gathering places, oil and gas processing units, law enforcement buildings and other national heritage has been exposed to parties with unethical intent. In order to protect such vicinities from unauthorized intrusion, we have designed comprehensive solutions with optical detection, passive detection and jamming capability.

Cellular Jamming

We understand that sensitive critical areas such as correctional facilities/ prison, political residencies are highly vulnerable. Hence, it is important to keep a check on such network threats through an effective jammer. Our jamming device is designed in a compatible module so that it works smoothly in varied network infrastructures. With our innovative compatible jammer, such vicinities can function smoothly under a protective sphere.

Anti Drone solutions

As the drones are becoming common amongst the markets, the statistics of drone users is surging day by day. As the drones comes with various capabilities like monitoring, information gathering, tracking activities and many other things that could harm any infrastructure. It is important to detect those drones and take steps to neutralize the threats as soon as possible. We have designed an advanced solution to promptly detect those drones that comes under the Range of protected infrastructure.

Detection: Passive Radar

The need of smart detection system is surging due to the drone activities can be observed anywhere near the sensitive areas or private infrastructure which is intended to be protected from unwanted presence of aerial objects. We have designed a solution known as Passive Radar that detects and reads the frequencies transmitted from the foreign objects and generates an alert in the associated software.

Detection: Active Radar

For some operational requirement, the need of sensing the accurate distance and location is very important, and the continuous movement of the drone makes it hard to know the accurate coordinates of drone’s location. Our Active Radar System can seamlessly track the path and accurate distance and location of the intended drone and it generates an alert in the associated software report of the incident happening in the current time.

Software: Command and Control

The hardware products require a control unit from where those products can be operated according to the need and requirement of the user. This software can be effectively used by associating it with multiple hardware components and it is capable of analyzing and observing the incidents and generating the incident report. This autonomous software eliminates the risk associated with the delay in taking the appropriate action after an incident of detection or Identification.