About Us

Bharat Aero is an advanced jamming solution provider that is committed to developing niche need-based jamming solutions through deep research curve.

By discovering and enacting an analytical approach, we help in resolving the next generation tech challenges lying in the path of safeguarding critical infrastructure.

is our wavelength

We challenge ourselves daily to produce ground-breaking innovations in the field of electromagnetic waves. At Bharat Aero, the team is driven by futuristic goals of being able to respond effectively to the evolving challenges in the air space. Our Jamming solutions are available in multiple formats which can be handled manually as well as autonomously, depending on the type of operation. We focus on yielding effective results by experimenting with state-of-the-art technologies and creating customised jamming solutions.

Bharat Aero Lab

At Bharat Aero Lab, we constantly push our technological boundaries to generate maximum results with minimum material costs. This is done through simulation and prototyping model which helps us in anticipating all the possible challenges beforehand. By carefully iterating on hypothesis testing frameworks, we are able to present our research to the world outside and are motivated to upgrade it as per the evolving tech barriers.