About Us

Bharat Aero is an experienced constructor and developer of Advance Infrastructure Security Solutions and Aerial Surveillance and Logistics Solutions. These modern solutions encompass a cutting-edge technological blend of hardware and software products which makes the operations effortless and effective.

Our Team of highly qualified and trained professionals has been working since years to exploit the technological opportunities to deliver state-of-the-art products in the field of Anti-Drone and UAV technology and to satisfy the emerging need of Safeguarding the Critical Infrastructure from external threats or Intrusions, Smart Monitoring & Surveillance, DORI Operations and Payload Delivery.

Our highly Advanced Radar and Jamming solution protect the critical infrastructure or restricted areas from enemy drones and unwanted intrusions of remotely operated objects. The Aerostat and UAVs offers us the capability to actively monitor the protected sites, perform DORI Operations as well as pick and drop heavy payloads from one place to another.

We have a team of skilled software engineers that works hard to develop the intended software applications that could be integrated with the hardware products. These software works as a Command-and-Control unit of the hardware products. Those Hardware products can be operated remotely through the advanced software.