Radio frequency can be covertly intruded and result in long lasting damage. Identifying this, Bhart Aero created two key jamming offerings that has command and control capability, addressing the security challenges.

Drone/UAV Jamming

There have been several instances where the vulnerability of critical infrastructure areas such as large scale production units, large public gathering places, oil and gas processing units, law enforcement buildings and other national heritage has been exposed to parties with unethical intent. In order to protect such vicinities from unauthorized intrusion, we have designed comprehensive solutions with optical detection, passive detection and jamming capability.

Cellular Jamming

We understand that sensitive critical areas such as correctional facilities/ prison, political residencies are highly vulnerable. Hence, it is important to keep a check on such network threats through an effective jammer. Our jamming device is designed in a compatible module so that it works smoothly in varied network infrastructures. With our innovative compatible jammer, such vicinities can function smoothly under a protective sphere.